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Our strict quality management system strives to give 100% customer satisfaction, which is why we offer a three year warranty on all our products to give peace of mind. We can reinforce this by adhering to recognised industry standards ISO9001, FCC, CE, ISO14001, ROHS and SFP.




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We are devoted to product development, design, distribution and customer service with efficient technical support which has helped us establish an excellent reputation amongst our clients worldwide.




WHY USE GigaOptiX Ltd?

  • 100% Compatible guaranteed. Our factory has been manufacturing since 2005 so you can be assured of high product quality and reliability.
  • Three year advanced replacement warranty.
  • Manufactured to exact OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications.
  • Extensive Cost Savings – up to 90% off list price of major brands.
  • Large Stock Range for fast delivery.
  • Superior technical back up service.
  • We can supply compatible fibre optic transceivers according to your requirements and design your own product labels.


1. What are the differences between a Cisco module and a GigaOptiX compatible module?

GigaOptiX module


The Cisco label, other than the label a Cisco module is identical to a GigaOptiX module. Quality compatible products are widely accepted as a genuine alternative, you do not need to pay for the Cisco label!



2. What is the typical lead time on GigaOptix’s compatible fibre optic transceiver modules?

GigaOptiX Ltd
 holds a very large stock range so most orders can be despatched straight away.


3. How quickly can I get a replacement if I have a faulty compatible fibre optic transceiver module?


On the very rare occasion a faulty product is supplied we can dispatch an advanced replacement immediately.


4. Why are our products so much cheaper than Cisco, HP or 3 Com?


Because suppliers such as Cisco, HP, 3Com, and many others buy their transceivers from third party manufacturers, add their logo and sticker and sell them at huge margins.


5. Can I install GigaOptix compatible fibre optic transceiver module on Cisco, HP, 3 Com equipment without affecting the warranty of the equipment the transceivers are being installed into?


It is a misconception to think that using 3rd party compatible fibre optic transceivers will void your switch warranty, the truth is they do not, it is against the law for the OEM to say it does. Manufacturers cannot oblige you to buy their transceivers to keep their switch warranty valid.
Click here for more information or a better understanding on the Magnuson-Moss Act


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